Tourism and hospitality industries seem to be going back to rise in spite of predictions that economic conditions are likely to recede. Not only because the tourists are becoming more understand their choices and demand, but also due to the attraction of new destinations are becoming increasingly spread in the world which is becoming increasingly interconnected with each other, then of course the tourist area coverage is becoming increasingly diverse.

Hospitality is the fifth largest industry, the industry clearly offers a variety of career paths. When students come to study hospitality, this allows them to enter a series of different fields, ranging from general management to the industrial analyzers, sports management and events, and much more.

Tourism, hospitality is one of the types of businesses that have in common that almost difficult to distinguish. People who understand the science of hospitality is already certain that he understands the ins and outs of science tourism. In this review we will share with you all of which work in the tourism and hospitality on the development strategy of hospitality and tourism business outline.

Selection of the location of the hotel establishments

The location, where the construction of a building or a hotel is a major factor of developing this business. The tourism sector can not be separated from the construction of accommodation for every tourist will find many hotels and this is true in general, but the problem is whether the hotel could you win the competition? This would be a matter that should be found a solution and how to solve them. Things you can do for example: services of satisfactory service, complete facilities, visitor comfort takes precedence, safety factors and most importantly the price of a hotel room.

Target visitors or hotel guests

A foundation is proper management of hotel establishments of who will be the target visitors. Is the seasonal visitor, just a layover or a regular visitor. If seasonal attractions such as the strategies that must be done is to make the visitors want to come back and feel the comfort of being in a hotel room that you provide.

expand the range

If the hotel santika already well known in the region then do not get enough, do innovations and conquer other regions that have a greater potential for hotel where you currently reside. Give a new touch without leaving the style, fashion, service in the first place because the hotel visitors already feel comfortable their stay in place originally.

Fulfill all the wishes of the customer

Perhaps this could be met if the capital of the establishment of a very large hotel. Examples are well-known hotel in the capital city that offers the hotel surroundings there are a wide range of facilities that allow visitors not hard to look into the more remote areas. Let’s say the hotel should beredekatan to shopping centers, hospitals, police stations