Starting An Inflatables Rental Business: Choosing Quality Inflatables

Across the country, enterprising individuals have started their own inflatables rental businesses. These rental operations can be extremely lucrative, providing quality inflatable products to party hosts and event planners throughout the year. An inflatable rental business can be a weekend project, supplementing one’s regular income. With the right inflatables and advertising, however, many people discover that renting bounce houses, waterslides, and interactive inflatable games can be a fulfilling full-time job that creates financial freedom for the business owner and his or her family members.

Choosing the right inflatables to rent out to others is the key to maximizing the potential of a new business. In this handy guide, we’ll share with you the tips and information you’ll need to make smart purchasing decisions. Of course, our online guide to starting and operating an inflatable rental business is also a great resource, helping you to achieve success with proven strategies. Let’s begin!

What Makes a Quality Inflatable?

There are dozens of inflatables manufacturers in the industry, and just as many levels of quality. To ensure success in an inflatables rental business, an entrepreneur must be able to select the highest quality inflatables available. How can you tell which is a good inflatable, and which is inferior? In the inflatables industry, there’s more than meets the eye.

Quality inflatables are made of superior materials, including heavy-gauge vinyl fabric and robust nylon stitching. 18.5 oz. vinyl is a common material in the inflatables industry, but even here, the fabric chosen depends on the “denier”, or threads per inch, to determine whether or not the fabric is ready to handle years of abuse. The best inflatables manufacturers like Jungle Jumps use a 1300 denier base fabric for the ultimate in toughness and durability. Other manufacturers use 1000 denier base fabric, which can tear rapidly under regular use.

The stitching and thread used to sew the individual pieces of the inflatable together is also a sign of quality, and some manufacturers skimp on this critical component. Heavyweight twisted multi-filament nylon thread is used by only the best manufacturers. To ensure lasting performance, seams are triple- and even quadruple-stitched to prevent tearing and blowouts. The thread is lubricated before sewing, helping to seal any pinholes left by the sewing process.

Construction of the inflatable and its interior structures is the cornerstone of an inflatable’s long-term durability. Jungle Jumps uses the same 18.5 oz. 1300 denier base fabric to create the internal baffles of each of their inflatables. The baffles help to reinforce any sewn seams, and also provide supportive structures inside the inflatable’s parts. The higher strength the baffles, the longer the entire inflatable will last.

Extra Features that Signify Inflatable Quality

Now that we’ve taken a look at what makes an inflatable the best on the market, what are other features to look for? There are several of these features, used only by the leading manufacturers of commercial-grade inflatables. One feature is the anchoring system, helping the inflatable stay in place even in windy conditions. Quality inflatables will have heavy-duty vinyl anchors with steel D rings; lesser manufacturers use polyethylene webbing to make their anchor points, which can fail quickly with exposure to the sun.

Safety considerations should be part of the inflatables manufacturing process. Safety signs, self-closing hook-and-loop door flaps, and blowout panels are the hallmarks of a quality inflatable product. The mesh used to create window openings is another: Jungle Jumps uses a 1/8” fine mesh to protect small fingers from injury, while lesser manufacturers may use 1” or 2” mesh, which can cause injury.

Customization is the other main quality feature. The leading manufacturers offer customers a dizzying array of choices in terms of style, color, and shape of inflatables, but custom combinations are part of the package, too. Being able to choose distinctive colors and styles, including custom-printed artwork and banners, helps an inflatable rental business stand out from the competition. With this information, it is easier than ever before to select the highest-quality inflatable products, helping you achieve success in your business venture.