Selling Frozen Yogurt In The Winter

When you sell frozen yogurt, you know that the summer months are the busiest. However, if you plan on making a profit with the business, you need to sell your product throughout the year. The winter months can be slow, but if you take to heart a few marketing techniques, then you’ll see that you can stay just as busy in the winter as you can in the summer. One of the things to think about is that not all areas get as cold as others and that not all cold snaps last for a long time in most locations, so even though it’s cold for a few days or a week, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be comfortable enough to enjoy a frozen treat the next week.

One way to help customers warm up in the winter is to offer hot treats instead of just frozen yogurt. You could offer hot chocolate, coffee or even a bar where customers can make their own hot chocolate creations. They can add sprinkles and other items to their drinks like they would with the frozen yogurt. When you order items from a frozen yogurt company, try to choose festive colors for the winter season, such as red, green and blue, to make the inside look the way that the outside feels.

Another option is to offer baked cookies, cakes and other sweet treats that go along with the flavors of the yogurt that you sell. This will give customers a warm snack that has the same taste. A small amount of frozen yogurt could also be added to the top of baked treats that are fresh from the oven so that the yogurt melts along the top. Consider adding holiday flavors to your lineup of frozen yogurt. Customers usually want fresh fruits in the summer and holiday tastes like pumpkin pie, peppermint and hot chocolate in the winter. You want to start introducing these flavors in the fall. Late October is an ideal time to begin with pumpkin, leading to peppermint and Christmas flavors in late November and the early part of December.