Management Consultant Salary

management consultant salaryThe numbers that comply with are primarily based on conversations with folks plus literature analysis. I am a graduate of Stanford (MBA) and I will inform you that beginning salaries at the big firms are most certainly in the variety stated. Experienced consultants uncover themselves much more in demand than in the recent previous, despite the fact that salary increases obtainable to switch firms are nevertheless lower in comparison with earlier years. Management consulting firm A.T. Kearney was among the businesses exactly where the most organization college graduates wanted to work, according to Fortune.

Our clients are the elite of the worldwide management consulting industry and operate to the highest standards in the quality of their research, reports and presentations. About Don Leslie: Don Leslie operates at Beament Leslie Thomas (BLT) , a major management consultancy recruitment consultancy. You can take pleasure in tremendous job satisfaction as a management consultant, especially if you are driven by challenges. The WetFeet guide to Management Consulting was the best source of basic info about consulting that we identified. The responsibilities of a consultant are important, regardless of the size of the practice.

If your career goals consist of functioning in enterprise and you have a want to make your mark on the international marketplace, you could be a excellent match for an international management consultant career. Deloitte recruiters are looking for candidates who make a massive individual impression on them. Right here are some tips that I’ve learned in my time as a recruiter that may possibly assist you subsequent time you happen to be negotiating salary for oneself with a possible new employer.

Management consulting appealed to me since I was told a couple items about it, each and every of which, at least in my case, proved to be correct. Based on the conversation I had nowadays, 1st year salary is around $100K (bonus, profit sharing, 401(k), and regular positive aspects). At virtually each position as a management consultant , your salary will be 30-50% reduce than a comparable position in investment banking. This signifies that an independent consultant pays an further $four,000 far more in tax than their counterpart who performs by way of an consultant salary

Even though getting good men and women abilities confers a considerable benefit in either profession, it is an absolute must for management consulting. In my expertise (and speaking as a Stanford MBA working in NYC for eight years), these salaries are rather optimistic. These people have the great fortune of generating $200K+ in total compensation following five-7 years post MBA. When employed by the Federal government, the average salary of an accountant varies just as much. I am very passionate about consulting, particularly management consulting.