How to Protect Yourself From Intruders

Most people want to feel safe in their home and reduce the risk of an intruder getting into the building. Unfortunately, intruders target homes that are easy to break into and don’t have many deterrents. When you want to protect yourself from intruders, there are a few important tips to follow.

Plant Thorny Bushes

A simple way to keep thieves away is to plant thorny bushes next to windows on the first level of the home, which will make intruders target another property. The burglar will not only cut themselves on the plant, but you can collect DNA and blood samples from the thorns.

Install a Security Alarm

A security alarm is extremely useful in monitoring your home 24 hours a day and will alert the authorities if someone attempts a break-in. Install sensors on all doors and windows of the property. The alarm will sound if someone breaks a window or opens a door, which can cause them to flee.

Carry a Gun

Carrying a gun with you or storing it in a safe that is easy to access will help you be prepared if someone gets into the home. A hip holster will make it easy to have easy access to the gun and use it within seconds, which can protect your family and property. Choose a gun safe that has rubber buttons because biometric safes can be difficult to open if your hands have blood on them.

Add Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights illuminate dark areas on the property where intruders can hide and attempt to break in through a door or window. The light will detect their motion and will immediately turn on, which can startle them or make them easy to spot when you’re inside of the building.

Get a Guard Dog

A guard dog can alert you of suspicious activity on the property if someone is lurking in the bushes. Many intruders will also flee if they hear a dog barking, which can reduce your risk of a break-in. The dog can also be used to attack a burglar if they get into the home.

You’ll need to take the right steps to protect your family and keep them safe on your property. With the right tools and products used, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared to confront an intruder in the future.