Ensuring Park Safety

You can ask a lot of people what one of their favorite childhood events was, and likely seven out of eight will tell you their most-cherished time was going to a theme park and riding a favorite ride. Theme parks are places of nonstop fun for kids, and they provide a safe place to explore and let out those wild feelings that children really need to express. An exciting, heart-stopping roller coaster ride is a thrill like no other, and going into a spooky haunted house or a boat ride accompanied by singing pirates is the type of good time that just has to be experienced full on, for all the fun it provides.

When The Unexpected Happens

What happens, though, when a much-anticipated visit to a much-loved theme part turns into a dangerous nightmare? The truth is that some theme parks have a history of neglecting upkeep on potentially dangerous rides like roller-coasters, and accidents can and do happen. Every summer a harrowing headline inevitably pops up, detailing the horrors of a family left swinging upside down in a theme park ride gone awry. Some of these scary events end up being near-misses in which the riders emerge unscathed, but in some cases, riders are hurt or even killed. In these cases, a park expert witness may be called in to give testimony as to the park’s potential role in causing the accident.

Of course, having people hurt during a trip to a favorite theme park is a worst case scenario, which is why reputable theme parks go out of their way to ensure the safety of their visitors. When things go wrong, however, every effort must be taken to learn who is at fault in an accident, and who should pay should negligence be proven. Going to a theme park is an exciting event, but if something goes wrong, the party at fault must be held responsible.