Building a New Patio Adds Value to Your Home

Whether you have plans to put your home on the market within the next year or think that you might want to sell in the future, you should give some thought to building a new patio. Adding a patio to your home has benefits in the near future and in the distant future. A patio gives you the perfect spot for entertaining, having fun with friends and just relaxing as your kids play in the yard. It’s important that you know what steps you’ll need to take before building that patio.

The process may start with some excavation. Excavation professionals will remove some of the dirt and topsoil from your yard to make sure that you have enough space for that patio. Pouring the concrete directly on top of the dirt and grass can cause problems in the future and as the lawn settles. This can create divots and dips that will cost quite a bit of money to fix. Excavation contractors Pittsburgh PA companies and those operating in other areas can do the excavation work for you.

Adding a patio also requires pouring of the concrete. This involves a wood frame placed around the lawn that creates the outline of the patio. Contractors will usually tamp down the ground and add rocks or sand to create a flat surface before pouring the concrete on top. It takes around 24 hours for the concrete to cure. You’ll need to wait a few more days for the concrete to completely dry all the way through, which is when the contractors will remove the frame.

You can now opt for decorative stamped concrete too. While the concrete is still wet, the contractors will use a stamping tool to permanently place the design on the surface. This helps concrete look more like other materials, including brick and natural stone. You can also talk with contractors about using a colored concrete and adding dye to the wet concrete. Knowing all the steps associated with building a new patio lets you know what to expect when adding value to your home.