2016 Management Consulting Salaries Undergraduate, MBA, Interns And A lot more

management consultant salaryThis is a comparison of salaries for entry level positions in the US for University graduates interested in Organization and IT jobs. What’s more, functioning as a consultant offers you the benefit of creating your own schedule and workload, which is something that you just cannot put a price tag on. Sure, you are going to most likely knowledge a bit of a struggle as you start your consulting profession, but there’s no doubt that you are going to be able to attain (and exceed) your desired salary by functioning difficult and staying persistent.

Though management consultants, compared to lawyers, generally work fewer hours to earn their huge salaries, frequent travel eats away at their work-life balance Even though some are lucky enough to land gigs in which they service nearby clientele exclusively, or at least travel infrequently, most management consultants are road warriors, frequently flying out on Sunday night to be at perform in a city across the country on Monday morning, not to return until Friday afternoon.

Im in fact curretly undertaking my A-levels and want to study economics at university and I am hoping to get into investment banking or consultancy but I am confused on two matters, would it be smart for me to take a gap year and function with a consultancy firm or bank and would it be smart for me to do an MBA prior to entering work following graduation or although working… would i achievable get a MBA grant frm my firm.

As a Management Consultant, you will generally be essential to have completed a Master’s degree in Enterprise Administration Numerous Management Consultants will earn an MBA with emphasis in Accounting or Advertising You will need to have a variety of refined expertise on prime of an intricate knowledge of the functions of business in your specialty region.management consultant salary

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